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EXALTA has been established to provide a range of business services specifically aimed at the SME sector, where businesses often need support as they evolve and grow.

Having experienced first-hand the benefits of good advice, constructive criticism and level headed input to my own business over many years I firmly believe that most if not all businesses can do with a helping hand now and then.

Certainly if you want to raise the bar, improve your business and the outcomes from your efforts then there are many benefits from external input to a business.

Whether it’s defining strategy, developing markets, or motivation your people, it’s always good to have further support and a sounding board along the way.

EXALTA can be a catalyst to your next steps into new global markets, we can keep you on track by establishing clear goals with you, not just business goals but personal goals as well.

We can help your organisational development, providing interim or part time cover as you expand your horizons and raise the bar.

Business Growth

Business Growth

Many businesses, managers and business owners set out on a vague business growth plan without ever setting down the real aspirations for either the business or themselves, you could argue that as long as they achieve some sort of growth then that’s fine. But is it?

It might be, but probably at some stage events will give cause for a real hard look at what it is the business is really about, what could really be achieved if there was some thought behind it, what could really be developed with just a bit better plan.

The simple concept of Raising the bar and the input and support of EXALTA could really help make things clear, help you to grow more successfully and enable the goals you have in your head to become realisable.

Business growth could just happen, but more often than not it needs some encouragement.

Or as James Cash Penney, the founder of JC Penney once said
“Growth never came by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”

People Growth

People Growth

What is about people in a business that drives you crazy?

Is it that they are all different?

That they start off doing great things in your business then one day they just can’t do it anymore?

EXALTA has the skills, knowledge and know how to support you and your people as you grow your business. It’s really important to not just take your people with you, but to help them through good coaching, mentoring and support.

If you can grow your people, you will probably find that your business grows even faster and your bar raises even quicker.

Are You Ready To Raise The Bar?

Raising the bar should challenge you, your people and your organisation. Aiming higher, executing to a higher level, delivering more, faster, more effectively.

It should be your passion your goal, not just something to think about but something you really aspire to deliver.

So are you ready to raise the bar, set your expectations just that little bit higher? EXALTA can really help you if that’s your aim.

If not.. Well there’s a place for mediocre too. But not at EXALTA.


Help we provide to our clients

Motivator & Mentor

I was employed by and worked with Mike for 8 years. During this time I found him to be an excellent motivator and mentor. His tenacious attitude towards business reflects the positive attitude he shows to life and I have no doubt that these attributes combined with his commercial sense and professional business know how have been the reasons for his success.